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"Celtic Charm"
 Irish Sport Horse

From the 3’ Hunters to packing kids around a course of cross rails, this horse does it all. He’s a veteran in all rings and his “knee to nose” jump attracts the eyes of any and all spectators.


"Captain Morgan"
Morgan Cross

A barn favorite, this school master is kind and patient with our new riders. Morgan’s smooth gaits make him the go-to-gelding for first time canters. And don't get us started on his cute ears!


"Southern Charm"
 American Paint Horse

After careers in reining and western pleasure, Dixie found her true calling when she learned to jump. She shines bright in the show ring with her flashy trot and “knees-up” jump, but is equally happy helping kids learn how to ride.


"King Domino"
Very Cute Pony

This pony is legendary, nothing phases him. For decades, he’s been teaching kids the ropes of riding and taking them through their first trots and canters. While he is one of our senior citizens, he doesn’t act like it!


"Level Up!"

This little Arab has been capturing hearts for years. His sweet disposition and smooth gaits make him a popular mount for all levels. Yoshi can be found on the trails, in all three rings (hunters, jumpers, and eq), or rolling in a muddy spot right before his riders arrive.


"Hollaback Girl"
Sweet Mare

A jumper star, Gwen is at her happiest shaving a turn or slicing a jump.  She loves trail riding or a hunter derby. She’s the head mare of the herd, but loves all her sisters - she just has to make sure she eats before they do!

Meet the Horses

Our horses are the heart and soul of the program. They have eclectic past lives, but this band of former misfits have grown into superstars here at Clover Luck. We have also rescued many horses from the slaughter pipeline and take pride in giving seniors a soft place to land.


More profiles coming soon!

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